WASH Programme Manager, Lilongwe, Malawi

Position: WASH Programme Manager

Location: Lilongwe, Malawi

Contract Duration: 6 months (with the possibility of subsequent contracts)

Start Date: 1st April 2019

End Date: 31st September 2019

Background on Water Works:

In Malawi, almost half of the population do not have access to adequate sanitation facilities, washing hands with soap or ash is seldom practiced and 40 percent of the water points are not functioning. The result is that people frequently suffer from diarrhea, which is respsible for the death of 6,000 Malawian children under the age of five each year.

The high failure rate of the water points is because the villagers are unable to perform to maintenance, due to not having the technical expertise or the spare parts not being readily available or are too expensive. In addition, previous programmes have failed to involve the community, resulting in a lack of ownership of the water points and the expectation that external agencies should be responsible for maintenance.

Water Works was founded in 2009 in response to this lack of sustainability. We work in partnership with Malawian institutions and artisans to develop technologies that can be installed and maintained by rural communities using locally available and inexpensive materials. One of our water pumps, the rope pump, is made from a metal pipe frame, car tyre, plastic pipe and a rope.

In addition to supporting communities to improve their water resource, we also run hygiene awareness programmes and assist households to construct latrines with hand-washing systems. This helps to ensure that the communities gain the most from their improved water and sanitation facilities.

Since 2009, we have assisted 92 communities to construct and maintain water points, providing safe drinking water for 17,000 people; supported 3,600 families to build hygienic latrines, and; run hygiene awareness programmes for 5,400 people. Surveys have found that our projects have helped to reduce the percentage of children under five suffering from diarrhoea in the previous 2 weeks from 14.5% to 4%.

More information about Water Works can be found at www.waterworkscharity.org and www.facebook.com/waterworkscharity

The Project:

Water Works’ current programme is partly funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) The project aims to reduce the prevalence of water borne disease in 20 villages. A hygiene awareness programme, run in partnership with the district health centre, will mobilise the communities to improve hygiene practice. The communities will then be assisted to protect water resources with simple, innovative and sustainable hand pump technology. Households will also be supported to construct latrines and hand washing facilities. A water point repair service is being set up ensure that all of Water Works water pumps remain operational in the future.

The Position:

The WASH programme manager will be responsible for the overall management of the programme including: HR and team management; logistics; finance; project management; coordination and partnerships; monitoring, evaluation and learning; and grants management. To do this, the successful candidate must:

  • have a specialism in WASH progarmmes and technologies,
  • be highly experienced with project management;
  • have team leadership skill
  • have financial management skills
  • have an expertise in Microsoft Excel.

The responsibilities of the programme manager position are detailed below:

Human Resources and Administration

  • Ensure that Water Works complies with all legal regulation to operate in Malawi including: registration with the relevant NGO bodies; insurance and tax; visas/work permits for non Malawian personnel; employment law for national personnel.
  • Lead the recruitment of qualified and experienced personnel for the Malawian Water Works team including the preparation of job descriptions and contracts.
  • Provide overall supervision of the Water Works and Partner Teams to ensure that good HR practices are followed including: mentoring and motivating staff; tracking attendance and leave; conducting capacity building trainings; completing performance appraisals; reviewing salaries and making payments

Logistics and Financial Management

  • Ensure that all items procured for Water Works are purchased in a timely manner, represent the best value for money and are in procured accordance with the procurement policy and donor regulations.
  • Track assets, stocks and tools ensuring that all items are well maintained and accounted for.
  • Develop and track budgets to ensure projects are fully funded and grants are fully spent within the project period with minimal accruals
  • Maintain accounts and produce monthly financial projections and reports

Project Management

  • Lead project planning and implementation ensuring that the hygiene programme, construction of water points, latrines and hand washing systems are completed to a high standard, on schedule and in line with proposals and contractual agreements.
  • Support the Water Works construction team to set up and implement a water point repair service that ensures all water points installed by Water Works are in operation.
  • Manage, motivate and provide training to increase the capacity the Malawian Water Works Technical Team and the Partner Hygiene team
  • Increase programme effectiveness by reviewing and developing the Water Works approaches and technologies
  • Write monthly reports detailing achievements, challenges and action plans

Coordination and Partnerships

  • Lead the engagement of Water Works’ partner including developing relationships, forming partnership agreements (MOUs), proving training and supporting with project implementation.
  • Foster current and initiate additional collaborative partnerships that increase the effectiveness of Water Works’ programmes focusing on water pump technology development, water pump repair service, latrine and well construction, faecal sludge management, irrigation and income generating activities.
  • Liaise closely with WASH actors in Malawi including the Malawian Ministry of Water, Ministry of Health, District Council and other NGOs. Attend/arrange sector meetings and workshops to share experiences and promote Water Works

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

  • Lead project monitoring and evaluation ensuring that surveys capture proposed indicators, implementation plans are followed and results are analysed.
  • Support the Water Works partner organization to conduct surveys using mWater mobile monitoring technology, providing capacity building training where required.
  • Support the Water Works partner organization to collect personal stories from the beneficiary communities detailing the impact of Water Works projects.
  • Produce communication materials from the projects including photographs and personal stories. Ensure that all communication materials promote the visibility of Water Works and donors in accordance with contractual agreements.
  • Produce reports detailing the impact of Water Works’ projects, lessons learnt and recommendations

Grants Management

  • Lead project initiation, explore funding opportunities and develop high quality proposals
  • Liaise with donors as the main focal point for Water Works
  • Ensure that projects are compliant with proposals, contractual agreements and donor regulations
  • Write all donor narrative and financial reports ensuring that they are of high quality, in line with donor requirements and submitted on schedule

Communications and Fundraising

  • Assist in the development and delivery of Water Works communications and fundraising strategies including website development, social media campaigns and supporter liaisons.

Charity Governance

  • Contribute to the general control and management of Water Works including writing Annual Reports, attending board meetings, developing policies and strategies.

The Provider may also be requested to perform additional or alternative duties as Water Works shall reasonably assign from time to time. The Provider agrees to perform all duties to the best of their ability as outlined in the including those outside of the specified duties above.

Water Works reserves the right to change the positions in which the Provider works including the job title, description, or functions, having reasonable regard to the Provider’s skills.


Application Process: Please send CV (max 4 pages) and cover letter (max 2 pages) to contact@waterworkscharity.org

Application Deadline: 31st October 2018

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  • This job has expired!
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