Senior EU Aid Volunteer – Protection Officer in Tbilisi, Georgia

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Senior Protection Officer is expected to carry out protection monitoring in Tbilisi and Shida Kartli region (Gori town) in Georgia.

The Senior Volunteer will monitor the formally closed collapsing collective centres in Tbilisi (number to be identified) and in Gori town (up to 10).

The Volunteer will specifically:

1) Review the legal statuses and dimensions of the buildings;
2) Analyse the legislation to identify the provisions on illegal occupancy, emptying collapsing buildings and the legal implications of illegal occupancy in front of state institutions;
3) Identify the presence of illegal occupants in closed collapsing centres, e.g. former residents, new residents such as IDPs or socially vulnerable non IDPs;
4) Analyse the gaps in the enforcement of state decisions on vacating collapsing the buildings;
5) Identify the impact on the institutional environment (relations between occupants and Municipality, relations between Municipality and the central government);
6) Identify the impact of illegal occupancy on occupants, the state resources, the state policies.

Development of an advocacy paper

Based on the monitoring findings the Protection Officer will develop an advocacy paper describing the observed situation, identifying protection issues, setting advocacy messages and providing recommendations.


DRC offers a full insight on its program as a learning opportunity. By joining DRC Georgia Office, the successful EUAV candidate will strengthen his/her knowledge on frozen conflict context of Georgia and the practice of protection in such scenario. The EUAV deployee will be exposed to protection and advocacy practices of the organization and will be able to contribute to its development.

The EUAV deployee will receive solid technical support from the team at DRC Country Office in Tbilisi, and by this continuously develop him-/herself. This environment will enable the deployee to develop teamwork and interpersonal communication skills that are indispensable in any professional environment.

The EUAV deployee will be exposed to an IDP-focused government institution’s practice of durable housing policy implementation, which will contribute to the deployee’s increased knowledge on how IDP policies are implemented in practice in government institutions in frozen conflict affected countries like Georgia.

Working conditions
DRC enjoys a fully equipped office facility to host the candidate. Working hours 9:00 – 17:30 with half an hour break from Monday to Friday.Saturdays to Sundays are days off. The successful candidate can enjoy all official holidays.Living conditions

The Senior Protection Officer – EUAV deployee shall be accommodated in an apartment in Tbilisi with a bedroom, kitchen, a living room and a bathroom. The deployee will be living alone. Cooking is not included in lodging as well as cleaning. Cleaning of apartment can be agreed with landlord for additional fee.

The neighborhood is quiet and with low criminal risk. Safety/Security brief will be provided to candidates upon arrival.

All types of food products are available in Tbilisi and throughout Georgia including variety of vegetarian dishes. Tap water can be consumed although bottled mineral water is widely available. Bank and ATMs are easily accessible so access to cash should not be the problem.

Climate is sub-tropical, having four seasons.

Health and vaccination
There are no specific health concerns for staff or visitors in Georgia. No vaccination needed for Georgia.

Conditions of service during deployment
• The EUAV deployee will be provided with Laptop and mobile calls allowance.
• Accommodation, visa fees, insurance and airfares will be covered.
• A monthly Subsistence Lump Sum (243,91 Euros per month) intends to cover basic needs and local transport.
• Transportation between DRC offices will be provided to the deployee.
• In addition, upon return to Europe, an amount of 100 Euros/month of deployment is foreseen as a post-deployment resettlement allowance.


  1. Proven knowledge of and experience in protection monitoring, including familiarity with protection monitoring methods and tools, in protracted displacement context.
  2. Demonstrated experience in protection data analysis.
  3. Proven record of protection report and advocacy paper writing skills.  
  4. Understanding of conflict dynamics (preferably knowledge of Georgia’s context).

How To Apply

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