Gender Analysis: Water Security & Climate Resilient Development in Africa

Organization: Global Water Partnership
Closing date: 12 Jun 2020

Project Objectives
Gender inequalities can constrain and undermine climate change adaptation. Those that are vulnerable and marginalized, with limited access to resources and assets, are already disadvantaged when it comes to preparing for and adapting to climate impacts. Addressing this challenge – and building sustainable climate resilience for all – requires transforming societies through policies and actions that promote a gender-transformative approach.

Gender-transformative climate change adaptation is a holistic approach that focuses on the economic, political, ecological and cultural causes of vulnerability of different groups, with a particular focus on gender. It aims to address the roots of vulnerability through actions that challenge the fundamental attributes of a system in response to climate and its effects. These actions aim to transform power relations shaped by unequal patriarchal norms and practices, and to empower women so that they have greater capacity to adapt.

The overall goal of the consultancy is to conduct a gender assessment that can inform a gender-transformative approach for strengthening water security and climate resilience in the 5 countries targeted by the program.

The main objectives of the consultancy are to:

  • Review existing systems (policies, laws, institutions, norms, practices, beliefs, attitudes, values, etc) related to gender inequalities in the country to identify gender dimensions and determine equality or inequality situations and analyse the underlying root causes to gendered inequality within specific country contexts;
  • Identify gaps and underlying drivers which are the core barriers to addressing identified inequalities by taking a gender-transformative approach for strengthening water security and climate resilience – clearly defining how inherent inequalities are driving gender unequal practices;
  • Identify opportunities for addressing the gaps and root causes within each country context
  • Define priority areas and methods of interventions that will contribute to gender-transformative approach for strengthening water security and climate resilience within respective countries

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