Final project evaluation

Country: Cambodia
Organization: CARE
Closing date: 10 Apr 2020

An external evaluation is planned at the final stage of the K&G project. The objective will be to make an independent assessment of the project performance. Particular attention will be paid to: the impact of the project actions against its objectives, identifying key lessons, intended and unintended outcomes, best practices for educating marginalized ethnic minority adolescent girls and boys; and strategies used to address challenges arising during project implementation. The conclusions should rely on data collected from the target areas and compared against the baseline that was conducted in early 2017 and the midline completed in mid-2019. The scope of this consultancy will focus on the following areas:

· Outcomes from Information Communication and Technology (ICT) introduction on teaching approaches and student learning

· Outcomes on teaching approaches based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) package implementation (training, materials, coaching)

· Outcomes from career counselling to improve understanding of options and actions towards career goals among students

· Changes in power relations in gender and ethnicity

· Improved leadership skills amongst ethnic minority youth, especially girls

· Changes in understanding and practices of sexual reproduction health (SRH) (including Early Marriage and Pregnancy), Gender Based Violence and sexual harassment.

· Assessment of impact from Life Skills education

· Impact and effectiveness of the classroom observation and coaching approach

In addition, the consultant is requested to address the following project learning agenda questions:

  1. To what extent has the information students received in Life Skills about the impacts of early marriage and pregnancy on adolescent development, influenced or changed their perceptions and decisions related to early marriage and pregnancy.

  2. With the introduction of ICT in rural schools, what are the motivations or changes in learning outcomes because of its introduction? Does ICT increase teacher and/or student motivation in teaching and learning?

    What mechanisms does K&G use to reduce inequalities between boys, girls, ethnic and Khmer students, and with what degree of effectiveness?

How to apply:

  1. Interested candidates are requested to send the following documents to CARE Cambodia via [email protected] CARE continue to open to all interest candidate to apply until we identify a suitable person or company to manage this consultancy,An expression of interest (maximum 2 pages)

  2. Current Curriculum Vitae (maximum 3 pages)

  3. List of previous relevant experience with at least two samples of similar mixed methodology evaluation work and two samples of full reports from previous assignments, highlighting individual contributions.

  4. A proposed preliminary assessment plan including design and methodology that takes into consideration elements that will be required in the inception report.

  5. A budget clearly identifying proposed costs for the assessment

    The principal consultant and all members of the consultancy team must be screened according to CARE International’s policy on Child Protection and Protection against Sexual Exploitation, Harassment and Abuse. They must also sign a Code of Conduct and participate in an orientation, safety, and security briefing prior to undertaking any fieldwork.

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