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Our passion is the right to life itself !

Vivere was founded in Lausanne in 1999 with the aim of doing something tangible and positive to ensure that any person who has been unjustly and unacceptably discriminated against can have the fundamental right to a decent life.

In order to achieve this, Vivere supports individual initiatives, which directly help any people who have slipped under the radar of the media or large humanitarian organizations.

Ignoring human suffering in whatever form it takes, just isn’t an option for our members and supporters; it is  possible to do something to try to help any person whose life is quite literally in danger, even if it is only one person at a time, and even if our resources are limited. We must know when to stop and say, ‘Enough is enough.’

There are so many precarious situations where life itself hangs by the smallest of threads.


Countless people are dying prematurely today because they are deprived of some unbelievably basic essential: a helping hand at a crucial moment, no access to antibiotics, not enough food, no elementary health-care, no petrol to get to the medical centre, no safe refuge, no protection from a corrupt police, and on and on- all such basic things if taken individually, but even so, potentially life-threatening. The cheaper the cause of death in financial terms, the more intolerable that it should have been allowed to happen in the first place. Vivere believes that we must take the opportunity to act, and encourage others to do likewise.

Vivere is a deliberately small organisation of about 100 committed members, mainly in Switzerland, France and Spain.



How we operate- Local, Direct Intervention


Our work is made up of relatively simple, everyday actions: we heal people, give them comfort and hope, provide shelter, food, protection, and defence. Conditions are often desperate: repression, obstructionism, armed violence, racial hostility, destitution, criminality, contempt, and indifference.


Vivere rarely sends its members into the field to lead and manage projects, but rather provides support to professionals and small local organisations that are already active or in a position to rapidly become so. This support is a function of our partners’ needs: it is often financial, but can also take the form of methodological advice, organisational support, information and activist campaigns.

Our projects 2016- 2017

  • The Democratic Republic of Congo: we provide medical, social and legal assistance to victims of torture, help with bringing the perpetrators of these crimes to justice, and help to elderly people who have been abandoned and are homeless.
  • Colombia: we have a nutritional program for pregnant and breast-feeding refugee women and their children

    • Morocco: we protect vulnerable, single mothers who are often in great difficulty, and their children
    • Moldavia including Transnistria, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and the Arabian Gulf: we act to prevent human trafficking, provide on the spot assistance to the victims of trafficking, and are active in bringing those responsible to justice.
    • Syria : mother & child food assistance, legal defense to female detainees under risk of torture.
    • Worldwide : we act for abolition of the death penalty and life imprisonment of children.


    Vivere’s ambition is to increase its ability to help with small, tangible, projects. Our guiding principle is always the same:  to work with trustworthy individuals or small, courageous organizations that are already operating in the field, provided that they share our humanitarian vision.  It is therefore of paramount importance that we find both committed new members and sponsors.

    Vivere is reliant on the generosity of the general public, corporate or private sponsors, and donors sympathetic to our principles of standing up to the suffering of the most vulnerable and desperate. Vivere provides a vital link between these people and those who can do something tangible to help. Money is, of-course, vital, but assistance can take many other forms which are just as important: volunteer work, services given free of charge, donations in kind.

    We believe that leading by example is crucial because of the knock-on effects which can result; one of our successful projects can inspire other similar ones which could then be run by other people or organizations, funded from different means, having identified a different group of vulnerable people.

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